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Hosting Marketers has started offering on all its hosting plans including hybrid servers wowza hosting. Wowza has the advantage of red5 that it can stream to Apple devices, iphones and iPads.

Stream Types

In Wowza Media Server 3, MediaStreams represent an incoming or outgoing stream of video, audio or metadata. Wowza Server provides a mechanism for defining custom server-side MediaStream implementations or stream types. These stream types are configured using the Streams/StreamType property in the Application.xml file. The following table lists the more commonly used stream types and their intended use (for a complete list, consult the User’s Guide):

  • default: Video on demand streaming of static Flash media, H.264/AAC and MP3 content
  • record: Video recording
  • live: Publish and play live video content (best for one-to-many streaming of live events)
  • live-lowlatency: Publish and play live video content (best for one-to-one or one-to-few video/audio chat applications)
  • live-record: Same as live plus content will be recorded
  • shoutcast: Audio re-streaming of a SHOUTcast/Icecast MP3 or AAC+ audio stream
  • shoutcast-record: Same as shoutcast plus content will be recorded
  • liverepeater-origin: Origin stream type used by live stream repeater to deliver a single streaming using origin/edge configuration
  • liverepeater-edge: Edge stream type used by live stream repeater to deliver a single stream using origin/edge configuration
  • rtp-live: Re-streaming of an RTSP/RTP, native RTP or MPEG-TS stream
  • rtp-live-record: Same as rtp-live plus content will be recorded


Supported Media

Wowza Media Server 3 supports the following media file formats: FLV (Flash Video), MP4 (QuickTime container) and MP3 content (see table below for common file extensions). To play video on demand content, the proper prefix must be prepended to the file name to create a stream name. For example to play the MP4 file use the stream name The following table lists the more common file type prefixes (for a complete list consult the User’s Guide):

  • flv: FLV (Flash Video – this is the default media type so the qualifier and the file extension can be omitted)

    Example: “flv:mycoolvideo.flv”

  • mp4: MP4 (QuickTime container – .mp4, .f4v, .mov, .m4v, .mp4a, .3gp, and .3g2)

    Example: “”

  • mp3: MP3 (.mp3)

    Example: “mp3:mycoolsong.mp3”

  • smil: SMIL (XML files used to configure multi-bitrate streams – .smil)

Please visit Wowza Hosting for more information.

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comparing ffmpeg hosts

There are a number of hosting companies with ffmpeg support, this post is a comparison between them.   They promise unlimited web space and bandwidth, but if your site uses more then 100 giga of bandwidth in a month they will quickly suspend your account for over use of server resources. The smallest plan they have is $2.49 a month, but they will ask you to pay for one year. Pacific Host, is relatively a new company and most customers reviews are quite bad.  The first hosting company which started to offer ffmpeg on their shared hosting plans. Really a basic site, with a free billing system. The company belongs to Hosting Marketers, which is on video streaming since 2005. Cheaphosting house, the basic hosting plan comes with 2000 mega (2giga) of web space and 85 giga of bandwidth, it is small but you pay monthly, and the cost is $2.95 a month, paid monthly. The bigger plan they have is 20 giga of web space and 1500 giga of bandwidth at the really nice price of $14.95. they promise unlimited everything, but as soon as you really have a productive site they will contact you to upgrade because you using too much server resources. The prices start at $2.49 and to have this price you need to pay for two years, if not the price is $5.99 and you have to pay 6 months.

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